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Sharon’s Testimonial

Two years ago I took a tumble off a horse and landed on my back.

For the first week after the accident, I could not walk upright and my entire back was in pain due to injury and sore muscles. Spasms and shooting pain would hit me any time of the day or night. Ice, heat and pain relievers were not improving my situation at all.

I finally sought treatment from Denise. For a week she did acupuncture, massage and fire cupping on my back. Within days of the beginning of treatment, I was able to walk upright and the pain and spasms subsided. By the end of the week I was able to move around normal and resume (slowly at first) my work out and running activities.

I highly recommend her for treatment. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to the treatment of her clients.

S.C., Boise, ID.

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